Vacation 2010

For the past 50+ years the Brewer family has vacationed at Iron Springs Resort.
However, this year, Iron Springs was closed for renovetions.
This year we stayed in the Seashell Cottage in Pacific Beach.
Next year we will be back at Iron Springs.

Our vacation this year was from Aug 6 through Aug 20 and our friend, Margie, (and her traval trailer) came with us.

On the way to pick up Mom for the trip, we crossed over Interstate-5 and saw the traffic backed up as far as we could see.
We decided the best way to go was on the back roads, by way of Roy and Yelm and Lacy.
Good thing, too.
We heard on the radio that there was over a 10 mile back up was caused by a problem in Nisqually.
By going the longer back way, we had a relaxing drive, got back to the freeway in Lacy, and avoided the whole traffic mess.

We arrived at Pacific beach around 7 PM,  got Margie’s trailer parked,
unloaded most of our stuff and went to find somewhere to eat.
It seems that most of Pacific Beach closes at 8 PM,
We found that the late night convenience store also had take out teriyaki.
And it was quite good

On Sat Chuck and Lori came for the weekend.

Lynne, Chuck, Lori and Margie spent the day garage saleing.

Chuck and Lori brought crab that they had caught and
served up broiled crab sandwiches for dinner.

Jan arrived later in the evening and it didn't take long to settle into the Beach routene.

Went to Ocean Shores orse for a little shopping and to give the dogs a bath and nail trim at a new doggie boutique.
Lokee wasn't too sure about it,
 but he's not that keen on baths on the first place.

And then there were beach walks.

Lokee was still recovering from hiks back injury and was still partially paralized, so we took him on beach walks in a stroller.
At first he didn’t like it, but he enjoyed being on the beach again.

Freya thought running free on the sand was great!

The rest of our stay was basically more of the same.
Shopping and golf at Ocean Shores, food, and just kicking back.

Frends and relatives stopping by to enjoy for a day or two with us.

And, oh, yeah.  Did I mention beach walks?

Jan taking a stroll
Pete, Lokee, Freya
Lynne, Margie, Dick, Jan
Freya, Pete, Lokee
Freya inspecting a log
Lokee & Freya
dreaming of beach walks

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