Iron Springs 2010

We knew that Iron Springs was up for sale
and we were worried about what would happen to the place that we loved for so many decades.

Well, it did sell and we were told that the new owners are folks who have vacationed there for some 30 years.

It is nice to know that the traditions of Iron Springs will continue.

The bad news is that major repairs and renovations were needed
so the new owners bit the bullet and closed for 2010.

As you can see here, it is a lot of work.

Watch their web site, for updates

When we stopped by this summer we were told that there would be a number of changes.
Underground utilities for unobstructed views, Dishwashers, Laundromat, Queen beds, DVDs, even WiFi to name a few.

We really missed Iron Springs this year, but in 2011 it promises to be better than ever.