Iron Springs 2002

This year the Brewer/Husted clan made the annual pilgrimage to the beach in July.
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For those unfamiliar, the Brewers and the Husteds take their annual vacation at Iron Springs Resort in Copalis WA, a few miles north of Ocean shores on the Washington coast.

And as always, Beverly Dunn was there to great us  in the front office making sure that all is well and running smooth.

For the past several years we have been staying in #27,
 a nice duplex cabin.

  As with all of the cabins at Iron Springs, there is a nice deck with a view, fireplace with stocked wood bin, fully equipped kitchen, and in this case, two bedrooms.
 (That's so Lynne & Dick couldn't disturb anyone else with their "night time harmony".)

Views from the deck
Copalis Rocks
Paul, soaking it all in
The view out the living room window

We put all of our pictures in three sets of thumbnail pages for you to enjoy.
Click on the set that you would like to see.

1. Iron Springs 2002 - six pages with 118 photos These are all of the pictures we took during our 2002 trip to Iron Springs resort.
They are in no particular order, just presented for easy browsing.

2. Boone Creek - one page with 11 photos Boon Creek changes from year to year and is one of the most picturesque parts of iron Springs.
These pictures were taken during several visits in different years. 

3. Jan's pictures - 3 pages with 36 photos Jan loves to take the camera on her walks and took these pictures of mostly flowers for all to enjoy.

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