Iron Springs 2002
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Beach trips, of course mean beach walks.
 Mom's former  pastor and family came down and joined the fun on the  beach.
Naturally Lokee could not be denied and he joined in the fun as well.
Crossing Boone Creek
Picking a way across the creek is not always easy,
but, lokee is good at finding a way
Especially when there is miles of beach
where he can run to his heart's content

There are those who have beach agendas
and there are those who have no agenda at all

But isn't that what the beach is for?

Peggy, on the other hand preferred beach combing, but this is getting a little carried away.
Looks like an old Model T chassis, buried in the sand, but, none of the locals seem know where it came from
or how long has it been hidden there?  Just one of life's mysteries.

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