1998 Iron Springs Diary
The First Weekend 

Every year the extended Brewer family (Lynne's family) spend a couple of weeks at the Iron Springs Resort, which is just a bit north of Copalis, on the Washington coast.  This has been a family tradition for something like 40 years.


It is a wonderful relaxing place,

where the general rule is to simply do nothing and where we have been enjoying the same house keepingcabin for something like eight years now.

This year Dick took his digital camera and has taken and saved out over 215 pictures of this year's beach trip - far too many to be include here, but
there are some really nice shots you might enjoy and shouldn't pass up.
 He has them set up so you can quickly browse through the 13 pages of little preview thumbnail pictures and click only on the ones you really would like to see.
Just follow this link to The Picture Show.

Beach walks are the order of the day and the long flat Washington beaches always seem to provide some sort of interesting shell, flotsam or driftwood.

Having the digital camera and new laptop computer along this year, every one enjoyed being able to see pictures right away which made lots of evening fun.

Monday, Aug. 24th, one of Mom’s Church groups came down for their annual get-a-way.  They all look forward to the visit bringing all sorts of goodies. Lunch was a wonderful potluck with several very tasty broccoli salads. and it make an excuse (as if we need one) to get some of the famous, homemade Iron Springs clam chowder and sweet rolls.

After lunch Mom's group held their meeting, so Lynne, Paul and Dick used it as an
             excuse to head out for the annual tour of the Copalis Putt-putt. 
  A great fun place along the Copalis river, the challenge of the course seems to be to
 stand so the boards sag in your favor and to aim your shot so it misses the errant nail

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