1998 Iron Springs Diary
The first week  

During the week, when most of the tourist are gone is the time to visit the shops and stores in Ocean Shores.

One of our favorites is called Lil Iodine's.




Here's a shot of Mom when she wasn't looking.  She always has more fun poking around all of the neat stuff in this store, especially the Anna Lee dolls.

We also have our favorite antique and second hand store that we live to visit when we are at the beach.
The best one for antiques was (that's right, was) a neat little shop called Antiques And.

Much to our sorrow we discovered that the store will be closing in October.
 It was just stuffed with all sorts of treasures and was fun to poke in because you just never knew what you might find.


The wonderful lady who runs the store told us that she had to close because of her husband's health.  We wish her well.  She and her store will be missed.


Later that week was the meeting of Mom’s single women's club and was Gerry Chesley’s birthday.


Gerry, a retired school Liberian (as is Mom) has been a friend is the family for years and is just one of those fun people to be around.  She is also a member of several of Mom's groups so naturally has to make the beach pilgrimage several times.

Rather than stay around another housefull of women Paul and Dick decided to head out to the
Ocean Scores golf course.

Paul enjoyed getting out to do something different for a change and to do something physical.

The rest of the week we kept busy by being lazy.
We did bring our cellular phones and it was nice to be able to checkup on things at home.  Margie said that everything there was fine, but hot and in the 90's. (Washingtonians melt when it gets over 80 deg.)
At the beach it was in the comfortable 70's and although the wind had picked up a bit making it breezy in Ocean Shores, in our cabin in the woods the wind chimes in the porch were barely ringing.
Later in the week we headed back to Ocean Shores for a late lunch at Alex's restaurant. (another must stop)

No trip to the beach is complete without a stop at Tide Creations (Dick refers to it as “The Store”) in Ocean Scores for home made fudge and some of the greatest knick-knack and souvenir shopping.


Dick had fun finding frog slippers and another frog mug...(they must have a radar to tell when he is coming)

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