USS Reasoner (FF-1063)

Knox Class Destroyer Escort

Displacement:3020 tons (std), 4065 tons (full)
Dimensions:438'(oa), 415" (wl) x 46' 9" x 24' 9"
Armament: 1 x 5"/54 Mk 42, 1 ASROC Mk16 (16 missiles), 4-324mm Mk 32 (4x1 fixed) tubes / Mk 46 torpedoes
Machinery: 2 CE 1200psi boilers; 1 Westinghouse geared turbine; 35,000 shp; 1 shaft
Speed: 27 knots   Range: 4,500 nm @ 20 knots
Crew: 13 Officers, 211 Enlisted

Laid down by Lockheed Shipbuilding, Seattle WA on January 6, 1969
Launched  August 1,1970, Commissioned July 31, 1971
Reclassified Frigate (FF-1063) on June 30,1975
Decommissioned August 28,1993, Stricken January 11,1995
Leased to Turkey 28 August 28,1993
renamed Kocatepe (F-252)
Lease to Turkey renewed August 29, 1997
Sold to Turkey February 22, 2002
Used as a target and sunk in the Mediterranean Sea

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My Duties with USS Reasoner
TAD Jun 1990 - Nov 1990

I was aboard USS California which was in overhaul at Lockheed Shipyards in Seattle and it was considered that some personnel (like QMs) were in surplus.  (It's hard to navigate a drydock.)  USS Reasoner out of San Diego CA, was loosing their leading QM and requested a temporary replacement and BuPers chose me.  It was the second time I was TAD to the USS Reasoner.

Reasoner's Nav/Admin Officer, Jon Athow, called me at home and said that he wanted to met me before I reported.  Since his father was living in Tacoma and he was going to be home on leave, we arranged a meeting at his father's house.  When I went to the house, his father answered the door and I knew that I had seen him some where before.  It seems that his father, Lewis Athow, CDR, USN (Ret) had been my CO aboard USS Shelton in Vietnam.  Talk about a small world.

Two days after my arrival aboard Reasoner in San Diego the ship departed for WestPac.  For some reason, the battle group had not given us a sailing plan and we had to have something to work with so
during the Nav Detail out of San Diego, I computed and plotted my own Great Circle to Hawaii.  As we passed San Clemente Island, the battle group finally sent us the way points for their track to Hawaii and it wasn't too far off from the one I had created.  Reasoner was impressed.

We arrived at Pearl Harbor around midnight and for some reason our berth was not ready and we were asked to kill some time and circumnavigate Ford Island.  I was the only person on board who had ever seen the back side of Ford Island. (When I was aboard USS Sacramento that is where we moored.) There are no lighted navaids on that side of the island, but with my local knowledge, we circumnavigated just fine.

Enjoyed my third Fourth of July in Pearl Harbor.

WestPac started out as a normal port visit cruise, however, while in the Indian Ocean, the USS Independence Battle Group was diverted to Persian Gulf for the start of "The Gulf War."

After leaving the Gulf we made a port visit to Phuket, Thailand.  It is a lovely laid back town.  There are a lot of resorts in the area catering to primarily to Europeans.  I enjoy spending my liberty time at Patong beach.  (In 2000 Patong was hit by a tidal wave.  I was saddened to see video of the tidal wave sweeping over the very spot where I once stood.)

Liberty - pier side in Hong Kong.  I had never been pier side in Hong Kong. Wow!  No half hour ride on the liberty launch!  While on liberty I was cruising the streets of the Wan Chi district when I stumbled across the filming of a Jackie Chan movie.  No, I was not part of the "crowd scene," but it was fun to watch.  This was the year Chinese Year of the Horse.  There was horse stuff every where and I went nuts.  I even had to get an extra sea bag to get everything home.

I left Reasoner in Subic Bay.  For my work training the Nav team and my efforts in the Gulf War, I was awarded my third Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal from USS Reasoner.

Sad story about the MAC flight from Subic NAS to Clark AFB.  A young Marine was being transferred back to the States and the Air Force had authorized transportation of his household goods, including pets.  He and his wife showed up at Cubi Pt in Subic with their pet dog and the Navy said, "No."  Although the pet had been authorized by the Air Force to fly out of Clark AFB, it was prohibited by the Navy on any flight out of Cubi Pt.  The Marine and his tearful wife went all over the terminal looking for anyone who would take the dog. I think that the dog was eventually taken by Subic Bay animal control.  How Stupid!  Good 'ol "Military Intelligence" at work. 

Flew by C-140 to Clark AFB and then by a chartered FedEx 747 to L.A.  From LA we flew commercial to Seattle.  There were several of us returning from the Gulf and when the ticket people learned about it we were suddenly upgraded.  We weren't even allowed to carry our own bags!  We didn't know that the Gulf War was all over the news and that we were basically the first ones to return home.  When we returned from Vietnam, people actually spit on us.  When we returned from Operation Eagle Claw (Iranian Hostage Crisis) no one even knew that we had been in a war zone.  It was a surprise for me to see and experience the out pour of public support for the Gulf War.

I returned to USS California (CGN-36).

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