Bureaus of the US Navy

BuPers is similar to the human resources department of a corporation.  BuPers provides administrative leadership, policy planning, and general oversight of the Navy and handles personnel records and assignments.

BuShips responsibilities included supervising the design, construction, conversion, procurement, maintenance, and repair of ships and other craft for the Navy; managing shipyards, repair facilities, laboratories, and shore stations; developing specifications for fuels and lubricants; and conducting salvage operations.

BuAer is responsible for Naval aviation, both ashore and afloat

BuDocks is the branch responsible for building and maintaining navy yards, dry docks, and other facilities relating to ship construction, maintenance, and repair.  BuDocks Includes the SeaBees

BuMed is responsible for hospitals and clinics and medical personnel in the Navy and Marine Corps.

BuWeps is responsible to the development and maintenance of Naval weapon systems

US Marine Corps
As part of the US Navy, Medical Corpsman, and other Naval personnel serving with the Marines wear Marine uniforms but, with Navy rank insignia