Dewitt Clinton DAVISSON

  • OCCUPATION:  Cabinet Maker, Sign Painter, Carpenter
  • BIRTH: 7 Apr 1932, in VA
  • Death:  11 Nov 1874, Steilacoom, Pierce Co., Washington Territory
  • Burial: Mt Union Cemetery, Corvalis, Benton Co., OR
Father:  Nimrod DAVISSON (1808 - 1866)
Mother:  Mazzie LARRICK (1809 - 1887)
  • MARRIAGE:  Margery Bonebreak MASON on 2 Oct 1856 in Benton Co, OR 
  1. Ceatta C. DAVISSON b: AFT. 1856 in Benton Co, OR
  2. Ira Shartel DAVISSON b: 8 JUL 1860 in Corvallis, Benton Co., OR
  3. Ralph M. DAVISSON b: AFT. 1856 in Tacoma, Pierce Co.,  Washington Territory
  4. Florence R. DAVISSON b: AFT. 1856 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington Territory
  5. Mary O. DAVISSON b: 1865 in Tacoma, Pierce Co.,  Washington Territory
Emigrated from Ohio to Oregon in 1853 via the Oregon Trail.

Moved to Washington Territory in 1860 and was among the first settlers of present day Lakewood WA in Pierce County, near Tacoma WA.

The Davisson farm encompassed a large portion of present Lakewood WA.  He built his home across from that is now the Lakewood Community center (former Lakewood Mall and Villa Plaza)

Dewitt built a furniture factory on his farm and manufactured chairs and foot stools that are now highly prized in the antique market.

He served two terms as Pierce County Sheriff.

After his death his wife moved back to Oregon with the 5 children.


                         _ ____________________
 _Nimrod DAVISSON______ |
|                       |________________    __

|--_Dewitt Clinton DAVISSON_


|                         _George Larrick Jr.__
|_Mazzie LARRICK_________|
                         |_Rebecca Brinker  ___

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