Dewitt Clinton DAVISSON

b:  7 Apr 1832

pb: Pickaway Co., OH
m: 2 Oct 1856 to Margery Bonebreak MASON
pm: Benton Co, OR
d:  11 Nov 1874
pd: Steilacoom, WA

Dewitt left from Ohio and traveled overland to Benton Co OR in 1853 as a driver with the MASON-CONNER United Bretheren wagon train.  In 1866 he married Margery Bonebreak MASON, whose father had been head of the wagon train, and together in 1860 or 1861 they moved north to Washington Territory and settled in the area now known as Lakewood WA.

They settled in an area of "a clear spring named Ponce de Leon."  Much land was plowed into wheat crop, and was pastureage for sheep and cattle.

He built a dam on Ponce de Leon Creek and used the water power in his small factory to run hand made machinery that he used to manufacture chairs, footstools and lodge chairs.  The dam exist today and is now crossed by Gavelly Lake DR. The pond it formed was speread out under the present day Lakewood Comunity Center (former Lakewood Mall, and former Villa Plaza)  The family home was located along the south side of Ponce de Leon Creek, which is now ocupied by a retirement center.

Not all Indians were frendly toward settlers, especialy some factions of the Nisqually, and when there was a tift with the local indians the family would retreat to nearby Ft Steilacoom.

He is listed as being a member of the Masonic Lodge in 1864 and he is also listed as serving two terms as Pierce County Sheriff.

After his death, His wife returned to Oregon with the children.

He was first interned in the Masonic Cemetery in Steilacoom and later moved to the Mt Union Cemetery in Oregon where his wife is buried.

His obituary was published in the Puget Sound Express, Steilacoom WA 12 Nov 1874

His son, Ira, described his father's home as;
"Home  was a small 4 room house - 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Built on the crest of prairie above the creek.
woodshed, Chicken House, Honey bee shed (5 or 6 hives)  Orchard - 60 trees (all types of fruit) Barn with 4 stalls, machinery shed, cow corral, vegetable garden, pasture for sheep, cattle, horses.  Factory, Lumber shed, Wagon shop.
Factory had turning lathes, mortise machine and circular saw, all operated with water power from the dam across the creek (formed a pond 300 ft long.)  Creek formed by springs on BOATMAN and DAVISSON property."

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