Directions to Boulder Knoll Stables
Seattle, Renton, Kent & Sumner
via SR 167 (The Valley Freeway)

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From SR-167,  take the exit for SR-512 toward Puyallup.
Continue past the fairgrounds and up South Hill.

Take the Canyon Rd. exit, and turn left (southbound) on Canyon Rd.

Continue south on Canyon Rd to the 7th traffic light.

#1 - turns back to SR-512
#2 - 112th St.
#2 - 119th St.
#4 - 128th St.
#5 -
#6 - 160th St./Brookdale Rd.
#7 - Military Rd. E.
(There is a lot of road construction on Canyon Rd.  Please be patent)

Canyon Rd Is a very flat and level road, so the drop down a hill as you approach the traffic light at 160th St./Brookdale Rd. will be obvious.
You will then see a Union 76 and then a Safeway store to the left.
Military Rd is the next traffic light. (It is the only non-cross street traffic light on Canyon Rd.)

Turn right on Military Rd.

In about a mile and a half the road forks and Military Rd E. bends to the left.
Follow Military Rd. up a hill to a stop sign.

Continue straight and in about 3/4 of a mile is a 4 way stop at the intersection of Military and Waller Rd.

Continue straight on Military Rd.
Boulder Knoll is the first driveway on the right, just past the intersection.
The name on the mailbox is;

Boulder Knoll Stables
2917 Military Rd. E.
Tacoma, WA  98445-4538
(253) 537-7082

If you find the gate closed, horses may be out.
Come on in.
 Just be sure to close the gate behind you.

You can park just about anywhere, but, please do not block the drive.
Some of our boarders have very long horse trailers and they need the extra room.