A New Roof for Our Hay Barn
April 2009

On Mar 29, '09 a mini tornado blew off about a third of the roof of our hay barn.

OK, technically it wasn't really a tornado, but it was a really strong whirlwind!

Lynne watched as several metal panels were blown over the barn,
over the horse trailers and into the driveway
where the wind spun them for several minutes,
tying them into knots.

Other than the barn, nothing else was damaged.

Our friend, Gerry Ray Hatrtzel is a roofer.
(and a country singer)

Within a couple of days he stripped the old and damaged material which we hauled off in my dump truck, "The Green Monster"

With the help of his friend Louis,
Gerry prepared the roof for the new material.

In only a few days the new roof was on!

Thanks Gerry Ray!

The roof is now wind tight and most imortant, waterproof!

Fortunately, most of the cost was covered by Insurance.

We offer a big thank You to Gerry Ray Hartzel and
the WA State Farm Bureau.

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