If it's July, This must be Iron Springs.

Iron Springs Office
Every year the extended Brewer family (Lynne's family) spends a couple of weeks, just after the Fourth of July, at the Iron Springs Resort which is just a bit north of Copalis and Ocean Shores, on the Washington coast. (Mapquest map to Iron Springs Resort )

It has been a family tradition since 1957.

This year it was basically, Mom, Lynne, Dick, and the dogs, Loki and Freya.

We only show a few pictures here, but we have assembled the rest of our pictures on 6 picture pages  Be sure to check them out.  There are lots of really nice scenic photos.

In the afternoon of  Monday, July 9 we headed out of Tacoma and by dinner time we arrived on the coast,
 having successfully avoided all the rush hour traffic of Tacoma, Olympia, and Aberdeen.

It was time to start relaxing.

Every year Dick does photos of an old set of piling down on the beach.

The waves and the creek move the sand around making them different every year.

This photo was the sunset on our first night.  Of course it was only the first of many sunsets.

Dick always brings his laptop and digital camera we all get slide shows of the days photo shoots

Boone Creek Piling

Freya checking out a fern
Naturally our new puppy, Freya,  had to check out everything.
Being a 3 month old puppy, everything is something new to check out.

She was fascinated by the ferns, grasses and brush that poked up through the deck. 

Of course she had to pull it up to bring inside to present to us.

On the July 10th, around dinner time we had a power outage.
The Iron Springs folks called it in and found that it affected also Ocean Shores and Hoquiam as well, but the guests here all seemed to panic.

Hey, we're at the beach, people!  If the power is out - just fire up the barbecue!

The PUD got everything fixed and we back on the grid in a couple of hours.
We later head that the outage may have been heat related.
One of the staff at Iron Springs told us that a record high of 99 deg was reported in Hoquiam, just 10 miles inland!

  Lynne's sister, Jan, called us and said that it had gotten to the low 90s in Tacoma, and it was suppose to get even hotter on Wed.

At Iron Springs we never got above 80 deg.

Angel and Reneé
On Wednesday, Niece Reneé and her step granddaughter,  Angel, came for an overnight stay.

That evening we had birthday cake for Lynne with Death by Chocolate Ice Cream

The next morning it was the usual do it yourself breakfast.  When asked what she wanted, Angel noticed the left over birthday cake and announced that she wanted “Morning Cake”

Why not? After all, it's “Vā Kā  time."  Who can argue with kid logic?

On Friday Lynne's sister, Jan and her son Chuck arrived for the weekend.
 That means puzzles and games.

Saturday, Lynne and Chuck did the garage sales in the greater Grays Harbor area.  It has become an annual mother/son thing.

Jan and Dick took a beach walk with the dogs.  It was Freya’s first time on the beach and she loved it. Well, all except taisting the salt water.

Jan, Chuck and Lynne play a game

The dogs ran and ran and ran some more.

Although Freya was not quite trained to 'come' there was no problem letting her run loose on the beach.
She always would stick close to Loki and since he always comes when called, when we called him, she would come well.

Sure made things easy.

Mom, relaxing with Loki & Freya
The battery on the camera was dead so unfortunately we didn't get pictures of them on the beach, but the dogs were defiantly tired and crashed as soon as we got back to the cabin.

Jan and Chuck left for home on Sunday. Both and had to return for work on Monday.
(work - Ugh! A nasty 4 letter word!)

Once again we were left to relax with nothing to do. 

On Tuesday Auntie Jean Senco, Bill & Cindie Carr and Anna Marie Wilczeck came for a visit.

They and Mom are part of a senior chorale group, the  Memory Singers.
(Auntie Jean is the director, arranger and Cindie is Asst. Director)

Naturally, out came the 12 point dominos for a good game of Chicken Foot.

Auntie Jean, Mom, Anna Marie, Cindie
and  Bill

Judy's Flea Market

Thursday we made our stop to Judy's Flea Market in Aberdeen to check out this years haul of MLP and FP toys.

This lady works the local auctions and accumulates all sorts of stuff.  It is a real treasure hunt. 

She didn't have a lot for us this time, but had more in her storage.  We returned a month later and came home with our van stuffed floor to roof with toys

All good vacations must come to an end and so did ours.

Friday arrived all too soon and it was time to return home.

Naturally, we have made plans and reservations to return again next year.

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