The Waller Road Pipeline.

First a little back ground.

For years Boulder Knoll has been allowed to use the County land along Waller Rd.

It seems that they didn't build Waller Road very straight and it is not exactly where it is supposed to be.  In our area, Waller Road is about  50 feet east of where it should be.
While they are not about to move the road, the right-of-way remains the same.

For many decades no one cared.  However, in Aug 2008, Puget Sound Gas & Electric (PG&E) decided to install a 16" natural gas pipe line along the Waller Road right of way and the center of that right of way is right through our pastures.

Several weeks ago we received a mailing that let us know where the natural gas pipeline was going and a representative stopped and told us that our beloved golden plum tree might be lost.  Technically the tree is on County property, but they said that they would do their best to save it.

They knew that the plum tree was important to us and they measured carefully and and did their best to do the least possible damage, but we knew that some damage was inevitable.

The plum tree did need some pruning.
  This year, I guess we'll just call it "aggressive" pruning.

  (The real disturbance was to the root system and the tree hasn't produced well since then.)

The rest of the operation was fascinating to watch

  The hoe operators dug the ditch while several lengths of pipe were laid out and welded into one long piece.

Once the welds and paint layers passed their tests, the pipe was set into the sand lined trench.

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