USS Implicit (MSO-455)

Aggressive Class Minesweeper

Displacement 775 t; Length 172'; Beam 35'; Draft 12'; Speed 14 kts;
Complement 78;
Armament, as built - one single 40mm gun mount, two .50 cal. machine guns
Final configuration, bow gun replaced by one twin 20mm gun mount,  two .50 cal. machine guns.

Propulsion, four Packard ID1700 diesel engines
replaced by four Waukasha Motors Co. diesels, controllable pitch propellers, two shafts.
Laid down, October 29, 1952 at Wilmington Boat Works, Wilmington, CA
Launched, August 1, 1953
Commissioned USS Implicit (AM-455), March 10, 1954
Re-designated as an Ocean Minesweeper, MSO-455 February 7, 1955
Decommissioned September 30, 1994
Stricken November 20, 1994.
Sold to Taiwan under the Security Assistance Program
Renamed Yung Yang (M 1306);

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My Duties with USS Implicit
Jul 1972 - Feb 1974

May 1972 I transferred from the USS Brinkley Bass Sel Res to USS Implicit (MSO-455)

In Jun 1972,  I suffered an on the job injury (A split rim truck tire blew up, shattering my wrist) that prevented me from participating in any shipboard activity.

I had also had moved to Bellingham WA, which was more than 50 miles from the nearest Reserve Center and in Sept 1972, I transferred to the Standby (non-drilling) reserves.

Feb 1974 I was officially discharged from Naval Service.  (I call the mid 70's my "Hippie Period.")

In Jun 1977 I returned to the regular Navy and was assigned to USS Hamner (DD-718).

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