Naval Retirement Definitions

Fleet Reserve

The Fleet Reserve was established to provide experienced personnel for the first stages of mobilization during an emergency or in time of war.  The Fleet Reserve is made up of former enlisted members of the regular Navy or Naval Reserve who can fill such billets without further training.

Enlisted members of the regular Navy and /or Naval Reserve are eligible for transfer to the Fleet Reserve after serving 20 years.

Any member of the Fleet Reserve may be recalled to active duty, at any time, without consent.

Retired List

After a member has completed 30 years of combined service (which includes active-duty, reserve duty and Fleet Reserve time) he/she is transferred to the Retired List.

Unlike transfer to the Fleet Reserve, the 30-year retirement is a right, guaranteed by law.

A retired member may be recalled to active duty in time of war or national emergency at the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy, but, will not be recalled to active duty under any other conditions without consent of the member.