Fleet ASW Base, San Diego, CA

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My Duties at ASW Base, San Diego
Apr 1965 - Sep 1965

In Apr 1965 I reported to active duty and attended Anti Submarine Warfare School in San Diego.

The Fleet ASW Base was a satellite command of the Naval Training Center, San Diego, where we were taught all aspects of Anti-Submarine Warfare.

Our motto was "Sargire Classis Distructum" (Search - Classify - Destroy)

As a pre-requisite, I attended Basic Electricity and Electronics and then Sonar Class "A" school. (This was vacuum tube technology)

We thought our base was cool and the new pretty blue glazed brick buildings showed that we were a real modern base.   We lived in something that sort of resembled private rooms.  OK, our "rooms" were actually cubicles with a door-less doorway, plain cinder brick walls and 4 men to a room.  But, other schools at the time were still using open bay barracks - one long room with 25 or more sets of bunk beds.  We thought we were cool!

At ASW Base, the CO's idea of PT was volleyball.  Everyone was required to play volleyball every day after the noon meal.  No exceptions.  It was fun and everyone actually enjoyed it.  One day, during a game, I jumped to block a shot, but, landed twisting and badly tore the cartilage in my right knee.  I was sent to Balboa Naval Hospital where they performed repair surgery.   This was before arthroscopic surgery and it was considered major surgery.  I ended ended up with 3 inch scars where my knee was laid open and I was in recovery and rehab for four weeks.

When I returned to school I was set back to the next class and graduated middle of my class in Sept 1965 and was designated STGSN

After two weeks leave, I was assigned to the USS Shelton (DD-790).

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