Now we are 4!

In 2000 Loki, our Sable Dachshund came into our lives and immediately attached himself to Dick.
Loki Likes Lynne, of course, but, she wanted a dog of her own who would basically hang out with her.

In March we finally found one - Her name is Freya.

Loki = Norse God of Mischief
Freya = Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty

Summer of 2005 we got the name of a breeder, but when we called, all of the dogs had been taken.

May of 2006, to our surprise, the breeder called us back.
She had kept our number and called to tell us of a new litter born the end of March,
 so we drove to Graham, WA to check them out.

As soon as we drove up there were barks of greetings.

There were dogs, dogs and more dogs!

They all wanted wanted to know what new fun person was arriving.

With so many tails wagging we knew we were in the right place.

As soon as we came in the house a sable male and dapple female were all over us .
The were tickled  to have visitors and just had to check us out.

These were Freya's Mom and Dad.

All of the dogs were as plesant nice as you please and loved checking out visitors.

It was fun watching the males grooming and fussing over the pups.

There were only four pups in the litter.

Left to right they were:
a gray/black dapple female,
a black and tan male,
a double dapple male (spoken for)
and Freya, a double dapple female

When we saw Freya, we just fell in love with her,

But she was only six weeks old so we had to wait for a few weeks before she could join the family.

When we brought Freya home, she and Loki became fast friends.

Well sort of. 

Freya has those sharp puppy teeth and every once in a while Loki lets out a yelp when she gets too carried away with his ears, but Loki is always patient about it

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