Historical information of our family line
The Knapp Family
 Our line of Knapps traces to southern England, in the 1500s.

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b: 1550
pb: Ipswitch,  England
d: 1604
pd: IswitchEngland

 Married Martha BLOISE

Nicholas KNAPP

b: 1592
pb: Wells-Next Sea, England
m:  1657
pm: Watertown, CT
d: 1670
pd: Stamford, CT
Married Elenor LOCKWOOD
Caleb KNAPP b: 1637
pb: Watertown, CT 
m: Mar 9 1660
pm: Stamford, CT
d: Dec 11 1674
pd: Stamford, CT
Married Hannah SMITH
Samuel KNAPP


b: 1668
pb: Stamford, CT
m: 1696
pm: Danbury, CT
d: 1739
pd: Danbury CT
John KNAPP b: 170 0
pb: Danbury, CT
m: 1724
pm: Danbury, CT
d: 1758
pd: Lake Erie, MI
Married Margaret TAYLOR
Amos KNAPP b: 1740
pb: Danbury, CT
m: 22 Jan. 1763
pm: Greenwithch, CT
d: 1785
pd: Lebinon Springs, NY
Married Phebe NELSON
Comfort KNAPP

b: 12 Jun 1770 
pb: Danbury, CT 
m: 15 Sep, 1791
pm: New Lebannon, NY
d: 18 Aug 1850

pd: Farmington Twsp, PA 
Married Tarzah GILLETT

14 childern

b: 24 Mar 1799
pb: Broome Ctr, NY
d: 14 May 1872
pd: Farmingtom Twsp, PA
Married Clarissa (?)

b: 20 Jan 1823
pb: NY
d: 20 Jun 1896
pd: Warren Co, PA
Married Almeda JENKINS

3 childern
Dr. Joseph J. KNAPP

b: 15 Jun 18544 
pb: Farmigton Twsp, PA
m: 1882 
pm: Kinzua, PA
d: Apr 1933
pd: Youngsville, PA

Edith Lovissa KNAPP b: 13 Apr 1890
pb: Kinzua, PA
m: 3 July 1917
pm: Youngsville, PA 
d: 16 Dec 1973
3rd child of Joseph J. KNAPP.
Married Howward H. HUSTED on July 3, 1917.

He had 3 children.
Warren Ralph Husted (bio)

b: Mar 21, 1920
pb: Youngsville, PA
m: Oct 3 1943
pm: Poughkeepsie, NY
divorced: 1967
m:  Oct 18, 1968
pm: Tacoma WA
2nd child of Howard HUSTED.

Attended Houghton College.  Married Mildred Anna SMITH (bio) on Oct 3 1945.

Was transfered by the USS Army to Tacoma, WA Aug. 1951.
He had 2 sons.
Divorced 1967.

Married Mary Louise (MAMasters) STEWART on Oct 18, 1968.

She has four children from her first marriage and together they have one son.
Warren currently resides in Olympia WA. 
Richard Warren Husted

b: Sep 21, 1945
pb: Poughkeepsie, NY
m: Oct, 12, 1970
pm: Tacoma, WA
divorced: Nov 15, 1984
m: Jun 8, 1985
pm: Tacoma WA
1st son of Warren Husted and Mildred SMITH.

Married Judith HECKARD

Has two sons.
Divorced. Nov 15, 1984.  

Married Elizabeth Lynne (SCHAEFER) DYE 1985 and has one step son 

Retired from active service in the Navy with the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Richard currently resides in Spanaway WA

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