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Robert S. Fyfe

b: Mar 1838
pb: Dundee, Scotland
m: July 8, 1859 
pm: Dundee, Scotland
d: Jul 12, 1870
pd: Albany, NY
Married Mary Geekie (May 13 1838-Apr 5,1901)

Immigrated from Scotland about 1860 and settled in Albany, NY
Robert Symn Fyfe

b: Sept 4, 1864
pb: Albany, NY 
m: Apr 6, 1890 
pm: Athens, NY
d: Feb 19, 1947 
pd: Poughkeepsie, NY
Son of Robert Fyfe and Mary GeeKie.

Married Anna L. Betts (Apr 25, 1859 - Mar 18, 1948)

Had four children; Ellla M, Anne, Mary and, William

Ella M. Fyfe

b: Oct 20, 1892
pb: Athens, NY
m: Dec 23, 1919
pm: Coxsackie, NY
d: Dec 7, 1981
pd: Tacoma, WA
Eldest child of Robert Fyfe and Anna Betts.

Married Raymond P. Smith.

Had one child, Mildred Anna Smith.

Mildred Anna Smith (bio) b: Jul 8, 1921
pb: Coeymans, NY
m: Oct 3, 1943
pm: Poughkeepsie, NY
divorced: 1967
d: 1994
pd: Lakewood, WA
Only child of Raymond Smith and Ella Fyfe.

Married Warren Husted in 1943. (divorced 1967)

Moved to Tacoma WA in Aug 1951.

Had 2 sons. 

Richard Warren Husted

b: Sep 21, 1945 
pb: Poughkeepsie, NY 
m: Oct, 12, 1978 
pm: Tacoma, WA
divorced: Nov 15, 1984
m: 1985
pm: Tacoma WA
Son of Warren Husted (bio) and Mildred Smith (bio).

Married Judith Heckard on Oct 12, 1978. (divorced. Nov 15, 1984) Has two sons, 

Married Lynne Schaefer Dye (1985) and has one step son

Retired U. S. Navy, 

Resides in Spanaway WA 

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