Ira Shartel DAVISSON

  • OCCUPATION:  Utilities Commisioner, Tacoma WA
  • BIRTH: 8 Jul 1860 in Corvallis, Benton Co., OR 
  • DEATH: 1951 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA
  • BURIAL: 
Father: Dewitt Clinton DAVISSON
Mother: Margery Bonebreak. MASON
  • MARRIAGE: to Lida V. FERRIS on 16 Nov 1892 in Tacoma, WA
  1.  Margery D. DAVISSON b. 
  2.  Donald Kingsly DAVISSON b: 1894 in WA
  3.  Ralph F. DAVISSON b: 1896 in Tacoma WA
Second child of of Dewitt DAVISSON and Margery MASON.

Came to Lakewood WA in 1862 with his family and returned to Corvalis, OR with his mother in 1874 after his father's death.

He returned to Tacoma around 1890 and had a home in the hilltop region of Tacoma.  He kept a small section of the original Davisson farm in Lakewood as a "summer home."

He was Tacoma Public Utilities Commissioner from 1918 until 1940 and was largely responsible for the construction of Cushman dam which supplied electical power for Tacoma WA. 

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