Elizabeth Lynne SCHAEFER

In 1963, changed name Lynne E. SCHAEFER

  • OCCUPATION:  Elementary school teacher, Clover Park School Dist, Lakewood WA,  retired 1999 
  • RELIGION:  Protestant 
  • BIRTH: 11 July 1945, Detroit, MI
    Father: Jennings Austin Edgar SCHAEFER b. 5 Sep 1920, Sarnia, Onterio CANADA
    Mother: Edith Mae DAVISSON  b 23 Sep 1923, Tacoma WA 
  • MARRIAGE: to Donald DYE , 12 Oot. 1968, Tacoma, WA
  • DIVORCED: 15 Nov. 1978, Tacoma, WA
The first child of Ed Schaefer and Edith Brewer, she had been called Lynne all her life and legally changed her name in 1963

She graduated from Clover Park High School in Lakewood WA on 1963 with honors and went on to earn her teaching certificate at Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland WA she graduated Cum Laude.

She taught at Tillicoom and Idlewild elementary schools in the Clover Park School Dist, Lakewood WA retiring in 1998.

With a life long passion for horses she also trained show horses and gave riding lessons.

She currently resides in Spanaway WA where she and her husband own and operate a boarding stable and a collectable toy store.

                            ________     __
 _Jennings Edgar SCHAEFER _|
|                          |___________  ___
|--Elizabeth Lynne SCHAEFER
|                           _________    __
|_Edith M. DAVISSON____    |

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