The Navigation Team of USS Sacramento - 1979 to 1981

The Sacramento Navigation team
(note: This photo was taken a few months
before we all advanced in rank)
Lt Cheeseman

It was the WestPac cruise of 1980 aboard Sacramento that sparked my interest in celestial navigation
 and I have very fond memories of her and the people I served with, especially the Nav Team of;
LT Cheeseman,  QMC Bob Colcleasure,  QM1 Gary Stutzmann,
 QM2 Jim Kaatz,  QM2 Brower  QM2 Husted (me) &  QM3 Cotoni

I would love to get in touch with them again.

I have been in contact with Bob Colcleasure and Jim Kaatz.
QMC Colcleasure, retired from the Navy and currently resides in California.
Jim Kaatz also retired from the Navy as a QMC and resides on the Gulf Coast.

I believe that Gary Stutzmann retired as a QM1 and resides in Southern California.
I know that QM2 Brower was from Buffalo NY and that QM3 Catoni was from NYC.

We would love to learn what happened to Lt. Cheeseman, QM2 Brower and QM3 Catoni.

Anyone with information please e-mail me at

USS Sacramento (AOE-1)
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