Final Cruise of the USS Sacramento (AOE-1)

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I am a retired Chief Quartermaster, so, where else would I go, but, to the bridge where I found that the tried and true methods are still preferred.

Other than things like a desk in a different location and obsolete equipment  that had been removed, It looked as if I had never left.
I felt like I was home again and was awash with emotion.

Proudly displaying her colors and achievements Sacramento continued south in Puget Sound,

There was one fellow who seemed to get around to more places and command almost as much respect as the Captain,
the ship's mascot - the Sacramento Bear!

It didn't matter where you went - there he was!
Hamming with officers, crew and guests alike,
especially to the delight of the children!

When we reached West Point,  it was decided that Sac wasn't quite ready to go home and we diverted East for a short tour of the Seattle Waterfront.

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